Dr. Boudreaux recently had to undo and repair some work another dentist had done - work she felt like I most likely didn't need in the first place. Things that set her apart in my mind - 1) she's a minimalist/*ethical* in that she isn't going to try to sell you a service you don't need just to make money off of you (like the last guy) 2) this one is tough to describe, but her hands feel "well directed". She had to do some grinding on my teeth, and was able to do so without me having to get a numbing injection. Unlike past dentists I've been to that almost seemed either unsure of their hands/sight, or nearly wreckless, I could tell she knew exactly what she wanted to do and had complete control of her tools. This is rare in my experience, and is probably a pretty big deal for people with fear of dental work/if you have children that might get nervous. My experience was 100% pain free.